MDS offers the following benefits:

Generous Paid Time off

Whether you have a long vacation planned or feel under the weather the Paid Time off benefit offered by MDS is designed to give our employees rest and relaxation without worrying about loss of pay.



Group Health Medical Insurance

While the cost of medical premiums are steadily rising , MDS offers our employees full medical coverage including dental and prescription coverage at a monthly premium that is less than half the cost of a typical cell phone bill.



Group Dental Insurance

In addition to full medical coverage, eligible MDS employees can enroll in a Dental Plan that covers more than just teeth cleanings. Our Dental Plan provides benefits for a wide range of dental health procedures while giving our employees the freedom of going the the dental provider of their choice.



Disability Insurance

This is a voluntary insurance offered to employees thru Aflac. 



Professional Training

Providing professional training to our employees is among the top priorities of MDS. MDS's team of experienced managers ensure each employee will receive the guidance and support they need to provide the highest quality of patient care.



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